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Independent Assessment by TAG Infosphere

Using RedSeal for Cybersecurity and Compliance

A recent study by analysts at TAG Infosphere concluded that the network exposure analytics capabilities of the RedSeal platform—specifically, network modeling, attack path analysis, risk prioritization, and compliance management—are well-suited to reduce risk and strengthen the security posture of complex hybrid networks.

Download the full assessment based on the TAG Cybersecurity Framework, which includes the top ten questions to be asked by any assessment, audit, or review professional when considering the use of a given commercial platform in a hybrid network setting. You'll get a solid overview of the RedSeal platform and learn how it performed in all ten areas.

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Why customers love RedSeal

Learn why hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and more than 75 government agencies, including five branches of the US military, depend on RedSeal for exceptionally secure network environments.


Defense Agency

"We were overwhelmed with data and underwhelmed by information. RedSeal allows us to prioritize with actionable intelligence and stop playing whack-a-mole."


Civilian Agency

"What we needed was a tool that, on day one, could map the network, figure out the high value assets, and find and prioritize the vulnerabilities."


Intelligence Agency

"We realize now that we can't leverage the other cybersecurity tools unless we have RedSeal. RedSeal is core to our cybersecurity plan."


Utilities Company

"Using RedSeal reduced the time it takes us to evaluate our systems for specific vulnerabilities from one person/month to 15 minutes. We can spend our time on mitigation, rather than assessment."

RedSeal Overview Video

Cybersecurity Force Multiplier