Securing Your Journey to
the Cloud:
A Travel Guide

Security should lie at the heart of any cloud journey. Yet too often it’s consigned to the back seat, as IT and business leadership makes the crucial decisions on where the organization is headed.

Research points to cloud complexity as a roadblock on proactive security efforts, and claim that microservices, containers, and Kubernetes have created dangerous visibility gaps in their strategy. The bottom line is that secure cloud migration is tough. It’s a long journey and one beset by internal obstacles and opportunistic bandits every step of the way.

Download this eBook as your essential travel guide that will:

  • Dispel common myths 
  • Offer useful advice on how to start the journey
  • Provide insight into what to do to remain safe once you’re there
How to Travel Like a Local

How to Travel Like a Local

You may have safely ‘arrived’ at your destination, but there’s still plenty to do. Risk doesn’t disappear once you’re in the cloud. Instead, it requires continuous attention to manage—from DevOps pipelines to access controls, shadow IT to in-house security skills.

Quick Three-Point Plan

Quick Three-Point Plan

The journey to the cloud will not be a simple hop from A to B. There’s complexity at every turn. So where do you start? First, understand your whole network. To continue the travel metaphor, it’s about drawing up a list of places to see, and then mapping out where these places actually are.

Dispelling the Myths

Dispelling the Myths

Half of global CISOs cite “migration of internal systems into the cloud” as an increasing security concern over the past year. It’s clear then that there are fundamental challenges to overcome, and doing so is harder in the face of persistent cloud security misconceptions.