RedSeal Stratus Early Adopters Program

Join us as we further develop the most accurate, reliable and actionable approach to calculating access and exposure. 

RedSeal Stratus is a new SaaS-based Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution focused providing visibility to cloud and Kubernetes inventory and determining exposed resources in cloud  environments


Take it for a spin. This is CSPM done right.

RedSeal Value

RedSeal Stratus Value

  • Stop Unintentional Exposure
    educe the risk of breaches due to misconfiguration with a complete CSPM solution

  • Visualize Your AWS Cloud Architecture Truly understand all connectivity between and within the cloud resources

  • Understand Kubernetes Inventory
    Discover overly permissive EKS policies with a complete inventory

RedSeal will provide

RedSeal Will Provide

  • RedSeal Stratus license for up to 6 months

  • 3000 AWS instances

  • Onboarding Concierge Service

  • An assigned Customer Success Manager who will help you create up to 2 use cases

  • Monthly 1-hour meetings with RedSeal Product Management team

  • Opportunity to shape the most powerful CSPM security tool on the market
Customer Expectations

You Will Provide

  • Imported AWS production data in
    RedSeal Stratus

  • Meetings with our Customer Success team to learn about valuable use cases

  • Meetings with RedSeal Stratus Product Management team for 1 hour monthly to provide feedback