Modern networks are incredibly complex.
They change all the time, often without you knowing.
Their complexity makes them (almost) impossible to understand.


You can’t secure a network you don’t understand.  

RedSeal can help

RedSeal Demo Webinar

RedSeal in Action: Live Demo

Join a demo that showcases how RedSeal helped a customer assess, and reduce the potential risk associated with a recent merger and expansion of their network into the cloud.

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RedSeal Threat Hunt

Cyber Threat Hunting Workshop

Participate in this hand-on workshop to experience how the RedSeal platform can help you to identify and understand Cyber Threats by using a pre-built virtual network model.

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Here are some resources to help with the issues keeping us all up at night. 

Securing your Journey to the Cloud

Securing Your Journey to
the Cloud: 
A Travel Guide

Security should lie at the heart of any cloud journey. Yet too often it’s consigned to the back seat, as IT and business leadership makes the crucial decisions on where the organization is headed. This eBook will:

  • Dispel common myths 
  • Offer advice on how to start the journey
  • Provide insight into what to do to remain safe once you’re there

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Ransomware 2.0

Ransomware 2.0:
What your business needs to avoid compromise in the cloud

The criminal market has evolved. It follows that mitigation will require a much greater effort than before—to map on-premises and cloud assets, and understand and control network paths to and from these assets. This guide will:

  • Explore this evolution to data theft, exfiltration and leakage and how this impacts the cloud
  • Outline ways to mitigate this evolving risk

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Zero Trust: Defense Beyond Identity

Zero Trust: 
Defense Beyond Identity

Often, zero trust activities start with identity. But it's not always that simple. It requires a shift in how organizations monitor and manage data security at scale. This brochure will help you to:

  • Understand the basics of zero trust
  • Consider the role of a comprehensive approach
  • Discover some of the main components required to improve overall defense

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