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Know what's on your hybrid network, how it's connected
and what's at risk.

Using a real customer experience as the basis, we'll look at how to:

  • Ensure your critical resources aren’t exposed to the Internet
  • See your entire network in one comprehensive, dynamic visualization
  • Validate and configure your entire network inventory 
  • Continuously verify compliance mandates 
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on more than just severity score

After the demo, we'll open the floor to questions with our experts.

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Customer Expectations

Securing Your Cloud:
Native CSP vs. Third-Party Controls

The rapid movement to the cloud has created an entirely different paradigm for implementing network segmentation and controlling access. Determining what mix of tools (native cloud and third-party) while your security team maintains control is a significant challenge. We look at key players in both segments and provide guidelines on ways to design your cloud security infrastructure around them.

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Ransomware Protection Strategies: Cyber Hygiene for Digital Resilience

Ransomware attacks have been occurring at an alarming rate. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, good cyber hygiene is your best defense.
  • Threat mitigation approaches
  • Importance network segmentation 
  • The rise in software vulnerabilities 
  • Significance of multi-factor authentication and data protection

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Visibility Closes Vulnerabilities

Visibility: The Key to Proper Cloud Security Posture Management

The overwhelming complexity of the cloud systems asks for expertise in both application development, and security, which is perhaps unreasonable. The placement of security controls has moved away from security teams and into application development teams. In this blog Kurt Van Etten, Chief Product Officer at RedSeal looks at the industry's response to cloud security—CSPM.

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See and Secure You Hybrid, Multi-Cloud with RedSeal

A Better Cybersecurity Strategy

As the frequency of cyberattacks grow, the attack surface is constantly growing and shifting as organizations expand their networks. A digital transformation is also accelerating the migration to the cloud. Security teams are scrambling to manage security for resources in one, two or more public clouds as well as for resources remaining on premises. Most cloud security tools focus on cloud, but don’t take into account on-premise environments, leaving a gap in your understanding of your network.

The RedSeal Classic cloud security solution accurately identifies resources exposed to the Internet and brings all your network environments—public clouds, private clouds, and on premises—into one comprehensive, dynamic visualization.