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Healthcare organizations have highly valuable information such as patient’s personal data and intellectual property related to research and innovation. This data resides on your network and cloud, and, increasingly, in connected OT devices.

All of this data is extremely attractive to cyber criminals and they have taken notice. Attacks on healthcare organizations are on the rise.

How do you secure and protect your organization, and still support the increasingly growing technology landscape so critical to patient care and research?

RedSeal can help by providing complete visibility into your network and cloud together.



Cyberattacks are increasing among healthcare organizations. The sensitive and personal patient information contained in healthcare systems makes obtaining access to this data attractive to cyber criminals. The growth in connected IoT enabled medical equipment and devices have led to more opportunity for them to find new ways in and to disrupt your business.

RedSeal empowers your security teams with unparalleled network visibility and relevant context to help you protect your infrastructure, accelerate risk remediations and establish, monitor and maintain compliance with minimal effort. Book a meeting today to discuss how we can help your organization.



How to Navigate the Shifting Healthcare Cybersecurity Landscape

Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape

Valuable data makes healthcare organizations a prime target for cybercriminals. Cyberattacks and data breaches in the healthcare sector are increasing at an alarming rate as more patient communications and records have moved online. Between March 2021 and February 2022, over 42,076,805 healthcare records were exposed. Businesses lost an average of $10.10 million per healthcare data breach.

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How Secure Is Your Pharma Research Data?

How Secure Is Your Pharma Research Data?

The use of big data and advanced analytics is now essential for innovation across the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, but organizations are facing immense challenges in protecting data integrity and ensuring data security in today’s digital environment. In an analysis of 20 pharma companies, five had experienced over 200,000 data exposures and breaches. Some had as many as 400,000 exposures. 

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Visualize Entire Healthcare Attack Surface

Visualizing the Entire Healthcare Attack Surface

From booking an appointment to setting foot in the doctor’s clinic or hospital, patients go through several processes and interact with different interconnected devices and software systems. While a connected environment ensures a seamless patient experience, the different touch points provide more opportunities for attackers to gain access to sensitive data.

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Customer Stories

Healthcare organizations have highly valuable information, all of which is very attractive to cyber criminals, and is part of the reason attacks on healthcare organizations are on the rise. Read on and discover how the following organizations helped keep their data secure and compliant with RedSeal.



Cyber Threat Hunting Workshop

Leverage the RedSeal platform to assess the overall cybersecurity posture of, and threat hunt within a pre-built virtual network model while refining your skills in risk and vulnerability assessment, cyber hunting, and incident response.



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