RedSeal for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are highly vulnerable and targeted by cyberattacks due to high value information they possess. Data like patients' protected health information (PHI), personally identifying information (PII) such as Social Security numbers, intellectual property related to medical research and innovation are a huge draw for hackers.

With the volume of threats on the rise, mitigating risk is a daunting proposition for the already overwhelmed industry. Brute force or manual labor alone won't keep compliance and security teams ahead of the risk. They need true visibility into their growing networks to know what they have, how it's all connected and what's at risk. Only then can they  proactively act and control the risk.

RedSeal can help.


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See and Secure with RedSeal Healthcare

See and Secure with RedSeal

  • Ensure your critical resources aren’t exposed to the Internet

  • See your entire network in one comprehensive, dynamic visualization

  • Validate your network inventory is accurate and securely configured

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on network location and access

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Ransomware Protection Strategies

Ransomware attacks have been occurring at an alarming rate. Good cyber hygiene is your best defense. This white paper will explore:
  • Threat mitigation approaches
  • Importance network segmentation 
  • The rise in software vulnerabilities 
  • Significance of multi-factor authentication and data protection

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ONC Cures

The Future is Healthcare Cloud Computing: ONC Cures Act 

The National Coordinator (ONC) Final Rule supports secured, limitless access, exchange, and use of Electronic Health Information (EHI). Many healthcare providers have embraced the power of healthcare cloud computing to meet these requirements and future-proof their IT environment. We took at closer look at the requirements and the potential security risks that may result.

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Customer Story

Like many others, the pandemic forced RedSeal’s customer, a 312-bed hospital, to accelerate their digital transformation. This meant migrating to the cloud where possible and delivering remote and virtual services quickly and effectively. Their public cloud of choice was AWS, which they leveraged fast, quickly seeing benefits. Additionally, the hospital faced some obstacles: their IT department lacked cloud skills, they had a hard time finding eligible hires with those skills, and their network was flat, lacking segmentation and effective policy implementation.
The hospital security team wanted to understand what resources they had in their environments, how those resources are connected, what could be accessed or exposed to the internet, and the accompanying risk. They determined their most critical issue was knowing which of their resources were unintentionally exposed to the internet. They knew they needed the right cloud security solution to help.