The attack surface is constantly growing & shifting.


For 18 years RedSeal has helped organizations see and secure their networks. Now we can do it at the speed of SaaS with RedSeal Stratus, our new Cloud Native Application Platform (CNAPP). With RedSeal Stratus you can find unintended exposure in your AWS and Azure clouds in minutes, stay compliant, and remediate quickly. can get started for free.


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Here's how RedSeal Stratus Works

Stratus 101 Video

RedSeal Stratus 101

  • Examine your entire EKS and AKS inventory
  • Visualize your complete AWS and Azure cloud architecture
  • Immediately identify exposure to the Internet
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Stratus Inventory Video

Map Inventory & Connectivity

  • Accurately map your AWS and Azure infrastructure in a single view
  • View of all connectivity with simple, agent-less deployment
  • Extensive, customizable reporting and ticket integration
exposure video2

Identify Unintended Exposure

  • Identify critical resources exposed to the internet
  • Perform root cause analysis with full attack path analysis
  • See exposure by account, tag, and security group-based identificatio

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Still got one foot on the ground?
See and Secure your entire network with our hybrid multi-cloud and network security solution

See and Secure Your Hybrid, Multi-Cloud with RedSeal

Rethinking Your Cybersecurity Strategy

As the frequency of cyber attacks grow, RedSeal’s solutions provide proactive insights needed to prioritize the risk to your brand, revenue and operations.

  • Inventory
    Ensure your physical and cloud inventory is accurate and secure
  • Visualization
    Trust what you see is complete with visualization that provides context of your true, as-built environment
  • Access & Exposure
    Go beyond good intentions and ensure network access is as you intended across your complex network – multi-cloud and on-prem
  • Risk management
    Prioritize your vulnerabilities based on network context to reduce your greatest risk - right now

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