Know how your environment is connected and what’s at risk.

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The federal government is experiencing unprecedented transformation as agencies look to defend against complex cyberattacks, all while envisioning more innovative ways to deliver services to taxpayers using modern technologies. Those agencies trust RedSeal for mission-critical government security and compliance. Our cybersecurity platform is Common Criteria certified and supports US Federal Common Access Cards (CAC) for two-factor authentication. And, you can manage RedSeal on an IPv6 network.



Free Virtual Cyber Threat Hunting Workshop

Every year, governments and companies spend billions of dollars on cybersecurity and experienced teams work for countless hours, yet breaches are still depressingly routine. Why? Preventing unauthorized access into, out of, or within a network requires understanding how that network is built – an extremely difficult, tedious, and time-consuming task. If you try to contain an incident without that understanding, there is a high risk that an attacker will maintain a presence in your network. While your team focuses on analysis and containment, today’s threat actors can spread quickly and establish deep footholds across your network. During our threat hunting event, you will leverage the RedSeal platform to assess the overall cybersecurity posture of, and threat hunt within, a pre-built virtual network model while refining your skills in risk and vulnerability assessment, cyber hunting, and incident response.





See and Secure with RedSeal

  • Ensure your critical resources aren’t exposed to the Internet

  • See your entire network in one comprehensive, dynamic visualization

  • Validate your network inventory is accurate and securely configured

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on network location and access

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Customer Story: Federal Civilian Agency Saves the Day

After extensive review and testing of cybersecurity analytics tools on the market, this agency selected RedSeal to manage the findings of the vulnerability scanners and to determine what to fix first, based on risk to high value assets. After expanding the program to thirteen locations, the agency integrated RedSeal enterprise-wide for network mapping and vulnerability prioritization.

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Ensuring Your Critical Cloud Resources Aren’t Exposed to the Internet

RedSeal’s cloud security solution accurately identifies resources exposed to the internet. It brings all your network environments—public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud), private clouds, and on premises—into one comprehensive, dynamic visualization to identify issues in cloud environments for immediate remediation.

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Compliance and Auditing

Lengthy, manual cybersecurity compliance efforts have been expensive for US government agencies—both in budget and time. Put the decision-making power into compliance and audit teams hands and use RedSeal automation to visualize the current status of their as-built networks, reduce costs, and improve operational tempo—while enhancing the digital resilience of their networks. 

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Ransomware Protection Strategies: Cyber Hygiene for Digital Resilience

Ransomware attacks have been occurring at an alarming rate. Good cyber hygiene is your best defense. This white paper will explore:
  • Threat mitigation approaches
  • Importance network segmentation 
  • The rise in software vulnerabilities 
  • Significance of multi-factor authentication and data protection

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Zero Trust:
Back to Basics

The Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity in 2021 requires agencies to move towards zero trust in a meaningful way as part of modernizing infrastructure. Yet, federal agencies typically find it challenging to implement zero trust. While fine in theory, the challenge often lies in the legacy systems and on-premises networks that exist with tendrils reaching into multiple locations, including many which are unknown.

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The RedSeal Guide to Zero Trust

This guide will describe this path to Zero Trust in more detail, following the lead of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)’s Moving the U.S. Government Towards Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles memorandum. We all need to remember that zero trust, like any best practice cybersecurity, is not a destination but a continuous journey.

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Zero Trust: Defense Beyond Identity

Zero trust adoption is on the rise. 96% of security decision-makers now say that zero trust frameworks are critical for organizational success, so it’s essential to understand the basics of zero trust, consider the role of a comprehensive approach, and know some of the main components required to improve overall defense.

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